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Microgrid Kit

microgrid-full-kit microgrid-full-kit microgrid-full-kit

Microgrid Kit

The Lex Microgrid Kit is designed to automatically start and stop Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources (AMMPS) generator sets (30kW or 60kW) in pairs of two based on power demand. Connecting (3) Kits together will provide for a Ring Bus Microgrid for up to six generators.

AMMPS Microgrid Kit cuts fuel consumption dramatically while also load balancing between generators for optimum efficiency.

Part Numbermicrogrid-full-kit
Markets Military 
Rating Outdoor 
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Features & Benefits

The AMMPS Microgrid feeder box housing most electronics and power distribution interfaces 2 advanced medium mobile power sources AMMPS generators.

- Metal sub frame with vibration mounted central enclosure provides impact, weather and shock resistance.

- Tested for Military environmental, mechanical and electrical requirements.

- Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers prevent nuisance tripping due to high ambient temperatures.

- Reduced footprint & man portable.

- Individually labeled internal leads for quick troubleshooting.


The PCI Boxes:

  • 616-5007-0172 is Tan
  • 616-5007-0171 is Olive Drab Green
    (NSN: 5940-01-674-4482)

The Feeder Box:

     NSN: 6150-01-674-5604 

     NSN: 6150-01-674-3473

The Communication Cable between PCIs

  • TM77151-025C-0002
    (NSN: 6150-01-674-5604)

Communication Cable Between PCI and Feeder Box:

  • TM77151-025C-0001
    (NSN: 6150-01-674-3473)

CAM Pigtail Set:

  • TM76200-025-CL5-5001

CAM Cables:

  • TM77200-025CLBK-0001
  • TM77200-025CLRD-0001
  • TM77200-025CLBL-0001
  • TM77200-025CLWH-0001
  • TM77200-025CLGN-0001
Part Description Part Number
AMMPS Micogrid
Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources
  • 616-5003-0171 Olive Drab Green
  • 616-5003-0172 Tan

Reverse Ground and Neutral are also available