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Power Distribution Products for the Entertainment Industry

Lex™ offers a wide variety of world-class power and data distribution equipment products designed to withstand the rigors of production, concerts, theater and other forms of entertainment. 

Entertainment Power Distribution Supplies for Concerts, Theater and Production

At Lex™, we deliver the power for your entertainment and production needs with portable power distro units, powerPARTS™ and cable assemblies, company switches, cable crossovers, work lights and dimmers for entertainment venues like theatres, motion picture production, theme parks, concert venues, studios, convention centers, schools and universities and more.

Cable Assembly

Made from a thermoplastic resin premold to create a bond between the cable and connector, the EverGrip® Molded 19-Pin Multi-Conductor Extension cable assembly offers exceptional flexibility and durability ideal for studio lighting applications. This cable assembly is available in 12, 14 and 16 AWG to meet the specific requirements of the motion picture and television production, theatrical production, concert touring, live events and convention centers it’s serving.

PowerHOUSE™ LOpSter™ Lunch Box

Fed from a larger power source, this compact production and concert power distribution unit merges the power functions of a studio/location “lunch box” with the data functions of an opto-splitter, eliminating the need for two separate boxes. A 4-port USB Type A receptacle expands the range of devices that may be powered by LOpSter Trap™. Paired with the Lex™ Super Stinger™ cable, the LOpSter Trap™ greatly simplifies power and data distribution while dramatically reducing set-up and strike time. For a complete motion picture system, Lex™ has the cam-type spider boxes, CineBox™ and more industry leading studio power distribution boxes and products to get the job done right. 

PowerGATE Company Switch

For a safe and convenient means of supplying access to temporary power to theaters, convention centers, studios, theme parks and recreational facilities, consider the PowerGATE™ Company Switch event power distribution box. This space saving enclosure houses connections protected by a 100% rated electronic trip main breaker. Company Switches are available in 100, 200 and 400 Amp ratings, are NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R rates as well as cULus Listed. For enhanced safety, the access door to Cam-type or IEC 60309 pin & sleeve and lug connections is interlocked to the main breaker, which means the breaker can only be turned on when the access door is closed

PowerPARTS Components

Find the finest brands of wiring devices for your repairs and installations at Lex™, like 19-Pin devices, Neutrik powerCON® and Lex-Loc™ devices, NEMA locking and Cam Type devices, stage pin devices and more.


For the only product that can control LEDs, incandescent lights and 220V moving lights in a single panel, look no further than the PCS Trio™ dimmer system. This entertainment power distribution product puts power for a full range of lighting, audio and video in your control with one single system. Its state-of-the-art control allows for easy integration with other power control and management devices. Use this stage power distro box anywhere light, sound and video need to be powered, from theaters and studios to schools, universities and auditoriums.

Cable Crossovers

Lex™ PowerRAMP™ cable crossovers and covers feature exclusive tread designs and a heavy-duty polyurethane construction to easily protect power distribution cables and hoses from damage, making them a great protection product when running cables and hoses across roads, parking lots, pathways and sidewalks in both indoor and outdoor entertainment environments. Choose from several cable crossovers and protectors, including large and small single channel cable covers, left and right turn units and end boots.

Work Lights 

Bring light to your temporary work space with the LuxCommander® portable work lights, which feature a patented design to deliver light output three times greater than conventional work lights. Enjoy our portable work lights in LED or fluorescent lamps. 

Repair & Retrofit Services

If you’re in need of a money, time and environment-saving repair solution to your entertainment power distribution products, Lex™ repair and retrofit services can help. The experts at Lex™ will inspect, evaluate and test your products to gauge the necessary repairs or retrofit solutions needed to make your products work like new. And since you’re reusing and recycling existing assemblies, you’re helping create less waste. Visit our repair and retrofit services page for more detailed services available.