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Energy Storage Module (ESM)

Energy Storage Module (ESM)

Tactical generators are sized for peak loads, but average loads are often a fraction of the generator’s rated capacity. This leads to excess fuel consumption and increased generator maintenance. Hybridizing a generator with LexTM3’s ESM allows a battery to efficiently serve low loads. When the battery charge is depleted, the ESM’s smart controls operate the generator at its optimal output to serve the load while re-charging the battery. This reduces fuel consumption and maintenance on the generator, allowing the warfighter to get more fight out of every gallon of fuel.

Part Number618-5000-0162
Markets Military 
Rating Outdoor 
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Features & Benefits

Scalable from 26-150kWH of energy storage Utilizes safe and reliable Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate batteries and versatile bi-directional inverter. Provides hybrid power benefits to AC bus of a generator farm or through power distribution devices. Scalable interface with AMMPS, TQGs and Commercial Generators. Flexible generator operation and reduction of fuel usage Maximize renewable energy resources with up to 120kW direct DC solar input. Toggle seamlessly between grid-parallel and grid-isolated modes for silent watch and back-up power needs