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Power Management Module (PMM)

Power Management Module (PMM)

The Power Management Module enables a single point of connection for management of multiple AC power sources. All outputs are metered and controlled, providing load monitoring and shedding functionalities similar to and compatible with the LCM, enabling optimal generator loading.

Part Number616-5000-0162
Markets Military 
Rating Outdoor 
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Features & Benefits

Designed to intelligently manage, meter and control a wide variety of 208/120VAC, 3 phase, sources and loads for maximum efficiency and reliability. Manages AMMPS, TQG, and COTS generators. Intelligent controls automatically choose the most efficient power source to serve the loads. Output circuits are user-prioritized in order to provide load shedding in situations of low fuel, loss of generation capacity, or unanticipated high load scenarios. A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) provides real time monitoring, control and data logging for complete microgrid.