Power Distribution Illumination System (PDISE): 200 Amp System

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Power Distribution Illumination System (PDISE): 200 Amp System

Electrical Feeder System M200 Amp/Phase (A/P): The M200 is a 120/208V,three phase, Electrical Feeder System. It has one (1) three-phase, 200 A/P input circuit with three (3) 100 A/P, four (4) 60 A/P and one (1) 20 A/P output circuits. The system also includes a pigtail and feeder cables.

13229E6350 (System), 13229E6300 (Unit)

Part Number13229E6350
NSN Number6150-01-308-5672 (System), 6150-01-598-5455 (Unit)
Markets Military 
Rating Outdoor 
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Features & Benefits

The PDISE system reduces footprint and increases the efficiency of the power on the battlefield through better distribution. Standardazed ARMY power distribution with many years of proven fielded service and ruggedized construction. Systems are designed to work with the ARMY's standard generators including older sets such as the tactical quite generators and the new advanced medium mobile power sources AMMPS generators.

- Metal enclosure provides impact, weather and shock resistance.

- Tested for Military enviormental, mechanical and electrical requierments.

- Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers prevent nuisance tripping due to high ambient temperatures.

- Elevated base keeps receptacles above ground level.

- Reduced footprint & man portable.

- Individually labeled internal leads for quick troubleshooting.