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Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch

Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch

Automatically Switches Power from Normal to Emergency Source During Power Outage

Part Number LELTS-yy-zz
Category Theatrical Distribution
Markets Entertainment 
Environmental Rating Indoor
Amperage 20A
Certifications Certification Icon
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Features & Benefits

- When a power loss occurs it is critical that emergency lighting systems turn on allowing people to make a safe exit from the building
- The Lex Products Emergency Lighting Transfer Switch provides a cost effective UL Listed 1008 transfer switch option which reduces the need for separate emergency lighting systems
- Complies with code requirements for UL 1008 Emergency Lighting Systems
- 65,000 Amp short circuit current rating
- Electrically operated, mechanically held contactors switch both line and neutral
- 5 Second switch-time from normal power to standby power, ensures quick transfer is made, and accommodates standby power sources startup
- 1 Minute switch-time from standby power to normal power ensures that the normal power source is stable
- Allows selected existing dimmed house light circuits to also be used for emergency lighting, eliminating the need for dedicated emergency circuits and fixtures
- Both discrete and main feed models available in multiple circuit configurations

Theatrical, Motion Picture and Television Production, Convention Centers, Houses of Worship

Technical Information

Rating: Various, depending upon configuration
Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 1 (Indoor Use)
Input: Compression terminals, wire range: Various, depending upon configuration
Output: Molded barrier screw terminal blocks, wire range: various, depending upon configuration
Feed Thru: None
Overcurrent Protection: 20 Amp, 125 VAC, single pole, Type J fuses, quantity varied depending on configuration
Enclosure: ELTS, Steel Enclosure
Color: Grey
Overall Dimensions: Various, depending upon configuration
Weight: Various, depending upon configuration
Agency Approval:  

Configurations with up to 30 circuits are available