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200 Amp Company Switch with 16 Series Cams and Lugs, Indoor use

200 Amp Company Switch with 16 Series Cams and Lugs, Indoor use

200A 120/208 VAC, (5) 16 Series Cams and (5) Compression Lugs on a 200A Adjustable Electronic Circuit Breaker, Company Switch

Part Number CS-200F-C5DS1-BLK
Category Company Switch
Markets Entertainment  Industrial 
Environmental Rating Indoor
Amperage 200A
Certifications Certification Icon
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Features & Benefits

- The Lex Products PowerGATE Company Switch provides access to relatively high amounts of electrical power in applications where the equipment utilized changes on a regular basis, such as theaters, studios, convention centers and arenas
- Company Switches offer enhanced safety and convenience when connecting temporary 3 Phase power to portable equipment such as dimmer racks, audio racks and motor controls
- Company Switches have become the preferred type of product for applications of this nature due to safety and convenience benefits
- PowerGATE™ Company Switch design features both Cam-type connectors and lugs in one compact, connection chamber for ultimate flexibility
- Features an electronic trip circuit breaker that is 100% rated, enabling continuous operation at maximum capacity
- Circuit breaker rated at 65,000 AIC (Amps Interrupting Capacity) to exceed requirements for installed dimmers
- Outputs are behind a lockable access door, helping to eliminate accidental disconnection, unauthorized access and/or tampering with connections
- Unique arrangements of both cams and lug terminations enables both sets of cable to drape downward for lower profile when mounted against a wall
- For enhanced safety, the access door to pin & sleeve and lug connections is interlocked to the main breaker, which means the breaker cannot be turned on unless the access door is closed
- Power shuts off automatically when the access door is opened, eliminating the ability to make or break a connection under load
- Circuit breaker allows for lockout/tagout to restrict access as needed
- The chassis ground can be isolated from the main ground for sensitive audio applications
- An integral LED worklight is provided in the connection chamber for ease of connection and enhanced safety

Markets Served

Theaters, Convention Centers, Studios, Theme Parks, Recreational Facilities

Technical Information

Rating: 200 Amp, 3 Phase (H,H,H,N,G), 4-Pole, 5-Wire, 120/208Y VAC
Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 1 (Indoor Use)
Input: (1) set of (6) compression terminals (H,H,H,N,N,G), wire range: 350 kcmil - 6 AWG, 600V, panel mount
Output: (1) set of (5) 16 Series Cam-type, 400 Amp, single pole, 600V, color-coded, (H,H,H,N,G), panel mount outlets; (1) of (5) compression terminals, wire range: 500 kcmil- 4 AWG, 120/208Y VAC, (H,H,H,N,G), panel mount
Feed Thru: None
Overcurrent Protection: (1) 100-250 Amp, three pole, adjustable, electronic, branch-rated circuit breaker
Enclosure: Company Switch
Color: Matte Black
Overall Dimensions: 11.64"L x 20.27"W x 38.50"H
Weight: 123.0 lbs
Agency Approval:  

Reverse Ground and Neutral are also available