20A 19-Pin (6) Circuit Splitter


20A 19-Pin (6) Circuit Splitter

20A 250 VAC, (1) LSC19 19-Pin Male (Plug) Panel Mount to (2) LSC19 19-Pin Female LSC19 19-Pin Female (Receptacle) Panel Mount, Adapter

Part Number DB20A-19MFF
Functions Power 
Markets Entertainment 
Connector Type(s) 19-Pin 
Amperage 20A
Certifications Certification Icon
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Features & Benefits

- Heavy duty molded rubber enclosure is fully insulated, resistant to shock, impact, and corrosion
- Optional multi-cable tails for input or outputs available
- UL Listed, NEMA Type 1 Indoor

Markets Served

Theatrical, Motion Picture, Live Events

Technical Information

- Rating: 20 Amp, 250 VAC, 2-Pole, 3-Wire
- NOTE: Maximum when used with 50% diversity of load (in accordance with table NEC 520-44)
- Male Plug: (1) 20A 19-Pin Male (Plug) Panel Mount, Black
- Cable/Cord: (6) #12/3 Type SJOOW, Black
- Length: 6.50” L x 5.50” W x 2.5” H
- Female Connector: (2) 20A 19-Pin Female (Receptacle) Panel Mount, Black
- Agency Approval: UL Listed, NEMA Type 1
- Weight: 3 lbs.