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powerCON® Tee Adapter


powerCON® Tee Adapter

20A 250 VAC, (1) Molded powerCON® Blue Panel Mount to Molded powerCON® Grey Panel Mount with powerCON TRUE1® Female (Connector) Inline, #12/3 Type SJOOW Cord, 1'6", Adapter

Part NumberA5043-TRUE1C
Functions Power 
Markets Entertainment 
Connector Type(s)   powerCON  powerCON TRUE1 
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Features & Benefits

- A ‘plug-and-play’ system with building block modularity provides adaptability and flexibility to construct thousands of unique system variations using a few basic components, greatly reducing installation time and cost
- Molded, non-conductive material construction creates a fully insulated assembly, resistant to shock, impact and corrosion ensuring years of trouble-free service
- Finished solution is compact and lightweight
- Power inlet and feed-thru use industry-standard Neutrik® powerCON® connections ensuring compatibility with existing equipment
- #12/3 AWG SJOOW cable with a rating of 20 Amps
- Feed-thru design allows for multiple devices to be supplied from a single source
- Numerous connector types are available to suit most applications

Markets Served

Motion Picture and Television Production, Theatrical, Concert, Touring, Live Events

Technical Information

Rating: 20 Amp, Single-phase (H,N,G), 2-pole, 3-wire, 125 VAC, 60 Hz
Male Plug: (1) Molded 20A powerCON® Blue Panel Mount, Black
Cable/Cord: #12/3 SJOOW, Black
Length: 1.5'
Female Connector: (1) Molded powerCON® Grey Panel Mount, Black; (1) powerCON TRUE1®, Black
Weight: 0 lbs
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