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Six-Circuit Live Multi-Cable Tester


Six-Circuit Live Multi-Cable Tester

Diagnostic Tool for Troubleshooting 19-Pin Connections

Part Number LT-19P
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Features & Benefits

- Tests LIVE any standard 120 VAC 19-pin connectors on extensions and break-ins (fan-ins)
- Verifies power on each of the (6) circuits using an ultrabright LED display
- Diagnoses both broken and swapped wires and pins
- Provides 3 diagnostic LEDs for each circuit, similar to popular electrician’s single-circuit testers
- Checks for open hots, grounds and neutrals, reverse hot/ground and hot/neutral
- Extremely convenient, compact and easy to use
- Durable rubber construction...a great addition to any tech tool kit

Markets Served</strong

Motion Picture and Television Production, Theatrical Production, Concert Touring, Live Events, Convention Centers

Technical Information

-Rating: (6) 20 Amp, Single-phase (H,N,G), 2-pole, 3-wire, 125 VAC, 60 Hz
-Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 1 (Indoor Use)
-Input: (1) LSC19, (6) x 10 Amp, 2-pole, 3-wire, 120/208Y VAC, 19-pin locking inlet, panel mount
-Output: None
-Feed Thru: None
-Main Breaker: None
-Overcurrent Protection: None
-Enclosure Type: Quad Box
-Agency Approval: