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Case Studies, White Papers & Tech Tips

Portable Cord or Cable? (As seen in the Fall Issue of Protocol 2018)

As a manufacturer, Lex Products often gets technical questions surrounding electrical terminology.  Words that are used interchangeably like cord and cable or jumper and extension often leave many perplexed as to which is correct.  In the Fall edition of Protocol, the trade journal published by ESTA, CEO, Bob Luther sheds light on these different terms and there definitions.
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Cat 6 Touring Shielded Cable Assembly

The growing use of Ethernet protocols within Lighting, Audio and Video segments, with their increasing demands, creates the worry that existing standards are reaching their saturation points.  Compared with Cat 5/5e, Cat 6 features more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise, offers increased speed and bandwidth versus 10GBASE-T.
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PCS TRIO™  Taylor University Case Study

Taylor University worked with SineWave Audio, a specialty rental and installation firm, to utilize PCS TRIO™  in their auditorium renovation project to meet the Universities current budgetary and technology needs while providing them the opportunity to expand in the future as technology changes.   
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PCS TRIO™  Wildwood Catholic High School Case Study

The Wildwood Catholic High School in Wildwood, NJ contacted Pin Point Lighting (PPL) a Lex Products Dealer to modernize and overhaul all aspects of their student run and locally used theatre. The project involved running new cable assemblies (power and data), installing incandescent and LED lighting, and other elements to enhance the stage and general theatre area. A power control solution was needed and PCS TRIO™ became a clear choice.  
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"Entertainment Industry Comes to the Rescue" Protocol Winter 2009 Article

When the US Marine Corp decided it needed to replace its large, heavy, outdated portable power distribution systems in 2005 they turned to the private sector and the entertainment industry was quick to respond. USMC put out a request for proposal to Lex Products and they were up to the challenge. Starting in 2005, the USMC teamed with Lex Products and developed and tested a product line consisting of 20 major components that can be tailored to the needs of individual Marine units. 
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Lex-Loc™ Case Study

Ever pulled an all-nighter because a job absolutely had to be done on time? Maybe not since college, but that’s exactly what Premier Production Services, Inc., a theatrical lighting company based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was expecting to do for their customer. “Our customer had a tight window of time for the lighting installation which basically made it a quick turnaround, next-day job,” said Premier’s owner Peter DiBacco. “We had three electricians ready to do the work, right through the night if necessary.” 
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PowerRACK™ as seen in Live Design

It is always interesting to see new products created after entertainment technology companies merge. In 2006, when Lex Products acquired Electrol Engineering, it was a safe bet that good things might follow. This is a case where the strengths of the two firms' rolling rack design from Electrol and power distribution products from Lex have produced a range of new products including a compact, flexible, and powerful power distribution rack, the PowerRACK™. Taking advantage of its KMP Division, which handles metal work, Lex has created very useful products for a variety of markets. For example, Lex-Electrol's dx Series Touring Dimmers fit into the racks, creating a combination of dimming and power units within a unique and durable rolling rack design. 
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White Paper
Advantages of a Company Switch vs. a Safety Switch Receptacle Combination

Cirque du Soleil JOYA- White Paper