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PCS TRIO™ Decibel Dampener

PCS TRIO™ Decibel Dampener

Diminish cooling fan noise of PCS TRIO™ Install Module Chamber

Part Number PCS-I-A-DBD
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Features & Benefits

- Device fits to the top of the PCS TRIO™ Module Chamber with no tools required
- 18 gauge black powder-coated steel housing construction
- 1" lightweight Melamine insulation lining meets ASTM E84 25/50 for flame and smoke
- Reduces audible emmissions while ensuring proper air flow clearance
- Hook and loop fastening material secures device to PCS TRIO™ Module Chamber

Markets Served

Theatres, Studios, Convention Centers, Houses of Worship, Schools & Universities, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums

Technical Information

-Rating: N/A
-Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 1 (Indoor Use)
-Input: N/A
-Output: N/A
-Feed Thru: None
-Overcurrent Protection: None
-Enclosure Type: PCS TRIO™ Decibel Dampener, steel
-Dimensions: 12.00"L x 14.50"W x 12.00"H
-Weight: 11.45 lbs