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PCS TRIO™ Single Dimmer/Double Pole Relay Module

PCS TRIO™ Single Dimmer/Double Pole Relay Module

(1) 20A 125 VAC, Single Pole Dimmer and (1) 20A 240 VAC, Double Pole Relay, PCS TRIO™ Module

Part Number PCS-A-MD-D2R
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Features & Benefits

- Dimmers shall be of the solid-state relay (SSR) type using silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR) arranged in an inverse parallel configuration
- A toroidal filter assembly modifies the rate of current rise ('rise time') within that circuit and operates with a rise time of 350µs
- Double Pole Relay circuits utilize mechanically latching, open-air type relays rated for 500,000 cycles
- Relays maintain last state (open or closed) until signaled or manually manipulated
- Dimmer and relay circuits possess zero-cross detection for trigger timing
- The SCR dimmer and double pole relay are mounted to a vertical PCB to increase heat dissipation
- Stacked modules within a Module Chamber utilize a 'plenum' effect to maximize cooling via convection
- Individual modules possess over-temperature sensing

Markets Served

Theatres, Studios, Convention Centers, Houses of Worship, Schools & Universities, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums

Technical Information

-Rating: 20 Amp, 3 Phase (H,H,H), 3-Pole, 3-Wire, 120/208Y VAC
-Environmental Rating: NEMA Type 1 (Indoor Use)
-Input: (1) PCS TRIO backplane buss connection
-Output: (1) PCS TRIO backplane PCB connection
-Feed Thru: None
-Overcurrent Protection: (1) 20 Amp, 120 VAC, single pole, hydraulic magnetic, branch-rated circuit breaker; (1) 20 Amp, 250 VAC, double pole, hydraulic magnetic, branch-rated circuit breaker
-Enclosure Type: PCS TRIO™ Module, steel
-Dimensions: 11.55"L x 11.60"W x 3.05"H
-Weight: 7.88 lbs